Laser Vein Removal

With laser treatment you can diminish the appearance of veins without the pain of surgical treatment and lengthy downtime.

Clear & Consistent Skin

Laser light targets and constricts the blood vessels that cause the broken veins without harming the surrounding tissue. You can expect to see results in a few short treatments. Consultation and test patch required prior to treatment.

Our secret lies within

The Technology

We can treat broken capillaries on the face and legs. We also treat cherry angiomas, spider naevi and venous lake. Treatment is only for skin types 1-3 this is not available for dark skin tones due to the higher pigment level. We will assess the area in the consultation and do a test patch explaining each step of the process on the way. The vessel is targeted treating the capillary and feeder vein cutting off the supply from the leaking valve. The blood coagulates and gets resorbed into your lymphatic system. With any vein treatment it takes about 14 days to see any result from the treatment. It is vital to follow the advice from your laser specialist.

Cherry Angiomas

These blood deposits can appear anywhere on the face or body. There are no explanations why they appear some say it’s a change in hormones or medical health. After being treated the area goes dark and after 7 days the blood gets resorbed into your body through your lymphatic system.

I have been using Katie's services for 3 years and she has never failed to impress. Her quality of work is amazing and she is always thorough when doing treatments. Katie is very friendly and always makes me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Katie to others!

S Kangura"Katie is very friendly"

We have found Katie to be a professional and caring individual paying extra attention and care to my wife’s health condition and making sure that any of her therapies would not affect this. We can’t rate Katie highly enough for the services she provides.

Mr & Mrs Puri"We continue to recommend her to our friends and family"

Elite is a lovely salon, Kelly is fab at her job! Always quick and efficient and I personally wouldn't go anywhere else for my laser hair removal, always great results. Laser can be very personal and quite embarrassing in some area's that i myself put off for a while, looking back I don't know why I put it off! no longer do I spend an hour in the shower shaving!! Always silky smooth and feeling a lot more confident, honestly don't know what I'd do without Elite! Thanks Kelly xx

Kiera"Honestly don't know what I'd do without Elite!"